October 17, 2012

Shubhi's Top 5 Fun Fashion Favourites

Fashion is like recreation, it ought to be easy and fun. So whenever you're in a fashion fix, having these 5 fun things will help you out, whatever you're wearing! They are certified to make any outfit (Even the simplest) fun, different, and special!

Flowers Pins are the easiest of the lot.  Just clip them on your hair, clothes or wherever, to get an instant Boho Fix!

Ahh, I bet all of you already know this one. Next time you go shoe shopping. just pick the one shoe that makes you smile, because it has that bright colour you adore! The rest is easy. Slip it on, on a neutral outfit(or not), and feel the envy.

Now the kokiness can vary. If you are a safe girl, you probably think the bag above is  fun. If you're more adventurous, you probably want a red bag with skulls on it. The choice is all yours. Pick (or modify or DIY) a bag that you think elevates your fashion status two notches higher!

For the less adventurous, these are  the safest bet! Mostly because they are so tiny! But you know what they are shaped like, you love them, and they make you happy. That's what matters.

Oooh. Every girl must have the one perfume reserved for special occasions  or just when she needs a pick-me-up. It could make you feel flirty, feminine,or sexy. Just stay away from the one with rockstar blood in it, please.

What is your favourite fun accessory? Do let me know in the comments!:)



Richa Tiwari said...

What a fun post! My favorite fashion accessories are funky cocktail rings. I love wearing them to elevate any outfit from boring to interesting! :)


Shanaya Sinner said...

Haa haa ! i so agree with the post :D
xoxo <3


Keit said...

Another interesting fun post! :-)

Count To Four said...

great post! i love scarfs as a fav in the fall! :)


songbird said...

i exactly thought what you said the bag isn't that kooky to me but i would lovet to have it for daily purposes..

blackberryfashion said...

these shoes are so pretty :)


mafalda. said...

Thank you sweetie! The ear studs are beautiful! :)


Ros.E. said...

lovely post, I love them all!
thanks for visiting my blog... I love yours, I am now following u dear, if u like u can follow me back ;-)

xxx Ros.e.


Agree ;) I really want orange flats, for some reason I'm drawn to that color, is so happy...

Sonshu said...

Hahaha, such a nice post. I love the shoes as well as the kooky bags. ;) Hehehe.

Shubhi's favourites, amazing post. Do it more often, was fun reading it.

(New post is up)

Milna Mandusic said...

Love your picks!!!
Great stuff!!


Kacie said...

I love the stud earrings! I want them :)


Buttons Apart said...

I love this post! I love your picks. I would say fun patterned tights to keep your legs warm due to the cold weather in the UK, I doubt you have that problem in India!

Sita xx

Juliette in Wonderland said...

Looks amazing:)
The shoes are cute:)

Darby said...

Totally agree with all if your fashion must-haves! I always think a great pair of bright pumps is a great piece ti mix in!
xoxo Darby
Obviously Obsessed 

Rachael Naidu said...

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