September 16, 2012

How to Sort your Closet!

A herculean task, no less. Something which I  dread, yet yearn to do.
My relationship with my closet is definitely a love-hate one-In it are all the things in the world I love, but I hate the closet itself. Or rather, the way it is arranged. It is the pride of my eyes for exactly 2 days after it has been sorted. But afterwards..umm. I'd rather not say!

So today was the D-Day. I opened my wardrobe(long overdue for sorting) and the contents tumbled out on top of me. I set about putting clothes in piles...Love,  Don't love too much Traditional,  I don't know,  Give away.Having done this much, I was exhausted! So I decided to take a break and read some Sunday Papers.

And guess what? My favourite sunday magazine 'Brunch' had a feature called 'You Can Save your Closet'. It was a sign from God! It gave me hope. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Give away stuff that you are NEVER going to wear NOW.
  2. Organize your cupboard once in 10 days at least. This way you dont have a jungle of a closet at the end of 2 months!
  3. Pack away the chunky knits, seal them, and keep them in another place, if your kitchen has additional storage, there they go!
  4. Add hooks, extra rods, in every surface of your closet. Don't ignore that door!
  5. Freshen up your clothes with your favourite scent-Invest in some good quality potpourri or closet fresheners! 

Now for my ingenious DIY , hah!:p
I noticed that my scarves kept getting tangled up with my clothes. 
AND, my poor hair bands simply didn't have anywhere to go!

I got these metal neon bangles at a Sale for a steal-originally Rs. 150 down to Rs. 19! You can use any bangles though..the ones of oxidized steel would do great too!
The plastic clothes-hanger was right THERE.
And some strong, white string.(The criteria is: Strong.)

If you have your scarves, dupattas, belts, headbands all over the 
place, this little DIY is perfect for you! What I have done is easy enough to figure out (If you have any questions though, fire away!).

I folded the scarves and tucked them into the bottom row of bangles.

 You can add as many rows of bangles as you like. And, make it as neatly as you like:P I left the threads all astray because I was too excited!
The hair bands sit daintiy on the top row...I love them too much and they know it.

You can hang it on the rod in your closet, of course! Do give it a try:) Took me about 7 minutes!



Janna said...

Great idea, I like it. :D

Olivia Wells said...

Great storage post :D

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xx Olivia

Olivia Wells said...

Following by GFC and Bloglovin' :)))

xx Olivia

Lens & anything Else said...

Do you know what? I have your same problem :)! I never know how to organize my wardrobe and the majority of my clothes (old ones...) are in the "don't know" category and it's always hard to choose what to do with them.
For scarves I bought a very very similar thing you did at Ikea time ago but it didn't work with me so I used it for necklace instead :)!
Love this kind of post and new follower here.

Kisses from Italy,

Vix said...

You are an absolute genius! What a great way to store scarves, I'm totally nicking your idea! x

Janna said...

Thanks for your comment, I've now included a link as well. Hope you'll check it out and like it as well :D

Surbhi Suri said...

U are such a genius girl ! I showed it to my hubby, and he said he'll be glad to do it for me ! Hunting bangles now !

Pip said...

Great post and very nice ideas!!! I will be putting together a new closet in my new home and not looking forward to how much time it consumes! xx Pip

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

Indeed helpful. Thanks Subhi.

Claudina said...

Great post!

Claudina said...

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Clara Turbay said...
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redsun said...

cool :)

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Eshna said...

Nice Idea Shubhi! Really a great way to manage scarves!


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Maiken said...

I'm also in the middle of assorting my closet and wardrobe. I have both which means more work and more assorting. it's so hard to focus on cleaning all that stuff! your post was a nice inspiration though :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Karola said...

Great DIY! I have similar stuff but I bought it in Ikea. I'm hopeless at DIY. ;)
I know exactly what you mean about the closet... Mine is a jungle as well... ;)


Adeola Naomi said...

One of your greatest ideas and my favourite posts!!!!

RaeAbigael said...

very cool idea dear! =)

Raellarina- The Ballerina on Fire

Joyce said...

cool DIY idea :)

Joyce @

Ayantika said...

woohoo...great idea ! Need to apply this when I will be in my new home :)


Bong's Belleza

songbird said...

i just looked around everything lying about in my room ... i need to hire someone to put everything right!

Samra Seljpic said...

Great post...

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smizlicazaza said...

great tips!
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Deepika said...

Loved the idea. I have sooo many scarves. Definitely making this one :)


Iqra said...

This is so clever !! Definitely have to buy one of these, it'll probably help me find my scarfs way faster in the morning.

70th and Chic

Giovanna said...

Fun post! Loving the scarf hanger you made!


Sabina said...

How fortuitous that you posted this. I'd resigned myself to cleaning out--and clearing out to some degree--my closet some time this week. I never would have thought of the bangle trick for scarves!

JasminTriesToBlog said...

These look great dear! Love the DIY :) It will make things more neat and clean :) Anyway, just dropped y to let you know that I want to feature you on my blog. Hope you can email me soon at :)

Patricia Ayuso said...

great post, love your blog!!!
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Hair Extensions Australia said...

Wonderful idea!! I love the way you organize your closet,especially scarves using neon bangles.

Ray Grimm said...

Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get these tips from you.

Ray Grimm

StreetChic by Eriel said...

Woow! Gorgeous post! Love your blog! my best congrats!!

Miss Iffa said...

Thank you for commenting and reading my blog, I really really appreciate it!
I am super impressed with your blog! I have been reading through some of your posts and I think you are very beautiful and have phenomenal photography sills! This post is incredible and wow I am relly impressed with your bangle DIY! I will definitely be trying it out, it's such a simple yet wonderful way to store scarves.
I am most definitely following your blog! I love reading blogs from my fellow desi family!
I hope you continue to be a visitor of my blog :) x

Peach Punch said...

Really great idea! I love it!

SJ said...

Oh might lord, the task of arranging wardrobe is really a TASK. Good you went through it. I've been thinking since ages, but procrastinating it.

The neon bangle hangers for scarf looks interesting, wud certainly use the tip when finally get down to arranging!!

loveu said...

very great idea and post!!
your blog is amazing:)

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Great idea!!I like your blog.
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Julia MB said...
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Julia MB said...

Very cool thing. Liked it very much.
Thanks for your comment in my blog. Now I follow you too.

Tamara Lynn said...

Most amazing idea for scarves! This will be so helpful :) Tamara

Lisa said...

ohhh i love this always looking for an new ingenious way of organizing my scarves!!

VICTORIA said...

These are awesome tips! I have cleaned out my closet recently and now I hardly have any clothes left. I can't believe how a lot of the stuff is mostly forgotten about and never worn.

Julia said...

love your pics and you look so pretty :)

Ayantika said...

I need to do it for my new apt. now :D