September 09, 2012

Grey Rain, Tiny Flowers and Lady's Fingers

Rain always makes things so different. Its like you are looking at the world through a whole new pair of glasses...The leaves look greener, the contrasts sharper, and the skies greyer!

So anyway. I was on the farm house this rainy day, and the rainy weather was picture perfect! Donned my new floral jacket with tiny flowers (My first such print), and my comfy tee and jeans!
Also a very pretty black suede clutch with a polka dotted silk flower, a gift from a friend:)

Raindrops on the lens..

Floral Pullover, Tee from Lifestyle.
Cuff, Clutch: Gift
Ring: Bandra

The lady's fingers were in full bloom, ready to pick straight from the kitchen window!

Have a Happy Sunday everyone! 



Marika said...

Beautiful outfit dear ,love your bag !

kcomekarolina said...

wow!i love these photos!

xoxo from rome

Shanaya Sinner said...

Wow beautiful ! :D
everything about this pic is so fresh !
xoxo <3

songbird said...

i love the rain..especially watching the world through your look..and the cuffs!!

Keit said...

I love crappy weather, it makes me feel content for no reason :D
The floral jacket is very pretty and so are you!

Gabriele said...

Beautiful pictures, love the outfit! I love rain too! Xoxo

Adeola Naomi said...

Gorgeous bracelets!!!

Chloe Polo said...

Cute well put together outfit!
You look lovely as usual!

Love the accessories!
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indie by heart said...

Your outfit is so pretty! Love the jewellery :)

Indie by heart

Vix said...

I feel the same way about sunshine, everything looks sharper and more intense. I suppose it's because we Brits get so few glorious days and it heightens the senses!
You look so pretty, but then again, you always do! x

Janna said...

Great pics, I like those raindrops on the lens. Oh, and that cuff is amazing! :D

Please drop by xx

LoveT. said...

Beautiful Pictures! You look gorgeous :)


Eshna said...

Love your floral pullover. And yes "rain" does change evrything. The pic are so mesmerizing!


Maiken said...

you should smile more often. it suits you :)
oh and the jewellery looks gorgeous!

Maikeni blogi - part of me

SIYAAM said...

Beautiful outfit!
I love all the little feminine touches :)

SJ said...

loving ure printed cardi and beautiful pics. Ure looking great

Ancia said...

You look very nice.

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Sheila said...

Love your outfit girlie!! :) Very nice photos too!!

xo - Sheila

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Aashka Pandya said...

you have a wonderful blog,and love your pictures