August 31, 2012


I have had a very quiet week...been down with flu most of the time, reading a book called Enchantment (which I received as a birthday present, a must-read for all Audrey Hepburn fans out there), watching a few movies, and spending meow time with my pet cat!

Would you wear any accessories with this outfit? I definitely wouldn't. With a dress like that, I might even go barefoot!

It reminds me of the hush just after it has rained, with the raindrops still heavy on the leaves and flowers..

Ahh well. Happy Weekend People! :)


August 29, 2012

Golden Dusk

White Shirt-Westside
Maxi Skirt-Vintage
Chain Necklace-Bandra
Bag-Jessica Simpson

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August 27, 2012

DIY: Thread and Heart Necklace

This is a simple DIY necklace I made the other day..
You can use any trinket or locket you have,the heart is from a broken chain!

You will need:

1)Hair Pin- Golden or Bronze

2)Three Colours of embroidery floss or thread

3)A pendant of your choice!

Bend the pin open with a pliers, and also bend its edges outwards as shown in (2).

Cut the threads slightly longer then the length required to go around your head..I used a double strand of each colour..

Braid the threads for a small length(4), and then simply knot them at regular intervals(5)!

Attach thee thread-braid at the pin-end and secure with fabric glue(6)!

I kind of made this a bit carelessly, we want the end result to be slightly rustic looking..

How did you like this DIY? Its simple, right? And I think it would go amazingly well with a nautical look-maybe you can substitute an anchor pendant for the heart?

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August 24, 2012

Polka Dots and Coffee

 So this is what I wore on a coffee date...I do not know why I have a pan face in the pictures...i was literally laughing and giggling throughout! Im like Chandler Bing when it comes for smiling for pictures...or so my sister says.

Not a good trait at all, I know, I know.

I did Peplum before it went out, Yay.
Frankly, I'm not much of a trend person, but I find this Peplum jacket/top whatever from HnM really I can lap up anything if you put polka dots on it!:)

Its summer, so its cold coffee time! (Anytime is, actually!)

Earrings, Gift.
Cuff with elephants on it, Stolen from sis.

 Wind in my hair and a measured smile:D

Golden Heels, Catwalk.

How did you like the outfit? Do let me know:)

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August 22, 2012

Outfit Idea: Western Wear goes Ethnic!

This post is for all my Indian Readers out there!

Are you one of those people who own more western wear then ethnic? Or just like to play around with your dress in more ways than one? Well then, this one's for you!

As we know, the festive season is fast approaching, and there's going to be a host of parties, celebrations, visits to friend's homes and suchlike. Its a time for fun and enjoyment. And party time is invariably dress-up time!

So here's how you can create Indian Ethnic Ensembles out of Western Dresses and a few key Ethnic Accessories! Trust me, you'll have fun, look unique, and fashionably ethnic too!;)

This outfit has an LBD as a top and flared leg pink pants.

I love the quirky pendant in this outfit!

 This one is my personal favourite..Its so peachy:)

For the top, you can use a dress.
And bottoms can be leggings, flared leg pants, salwars, coloured denims, or just anything at all!

Accessorize with chunky bangles, ethnic bracelets, unique pendents, or long earrings. And just because  its Indian wear, do not overdo the accessories! 

Use a pair of blingy heels on every outfit, and you are ready to go!

Cool right? Would you wear these to a Diwali  party or maybe to a Wedding Reception?  I totally would;)
Let me know!


August 20, 2012

Outfit Idea: Necklace Stack

What's special about this? Well its just a stack of necklaces. The bead ones are all DIY! The chain and silver ones are vintage.

As die-hard fashionistas. we all probably have a cask-full of assorted necklaces, chains and what not, either made, purchased on whim, or stolen.(haha kidding!)
My advice? Get them out.  Show them the air. Mix em together.

Try mixing and matching seemingly unrelated neck pieces! Of course, there is a method to the madness, shhhh, only you know it!

Team them with a white tunic or top or a kurti, to mellow it down. Whatever it is, you will surely stand out!;)

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August 17, 2012

Our Last Summer

I can still recall our last summer
I still see it all 
Walks along the seine, laughing in the rain 
Our last summer 
Memories that remain..

Jacket, Lace Top from Forever21.
Shoes from Report.
Clutch and headband-Street Shopped

Love this song from ABBA! I've been an ABBA fan since I was a kid, probably inherited it from my parents..

These pictures remind me of a summer in Europe! Do you think so too?

Btw I'm not too psyched about my birthday(Which is today :p) that normal?
Well, I like to think I celebrate everyday of my life, birthday or not!

Love and kisses,

August 15, 2012

Little Yellow Dachshunds

This outfit is what I wore to college when I was at my laziest-A basic Tee and Black Denims! But sometimes, even the most basic outfit makes for pretty pictures:)

Always do one thing when you are excessively lazy (or late):

Grab hold of a scarf(printed/ colourful/ in a contrasting colour) when you are leaving home, and tie it to the handles of your bag during the commute!
I think the black polka dots here make all the difference!

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August 12, 2012

Outfit Idea: Skirts for the Fall

Skirts for Fall

So some of you might just be heading out to do some fall shopping. Actually that's not what we call it here, but the festive season is going to be upon us soon, it gives us an excuse for shopping not just ethnic, but of all kinds of clothes!
So if you are going to buy yourself a skirt/lots of skirts, let this be your guide.
All these skirts share a few things in common:
  • They are of a single colour! So they can be paired with printed tops.Alternatively, basic plain coloured tops would look super chic too!
  • They have a relaxed elegant fit, so they will suit everyone, even the pear girls!;)
  • They have a decent length.
  • They all have a certain something, which is distinctive and stands out!:)

So which one would you buy? 


August 10, 2012

DIY:Jewel Basket

 Greetings, Readers!:) 
I had this unpainted, unfinished cane toy basket-on-wheels lying about for the longest time...So i decided to turn it into a jewellery container!

So I set about finishing it a bit. I painted it from handle to wheel, and what's more, decided to take some fashion inspiration while colouring it! 

I have been quite fascinated by this cover of L'Officiel's Spring Issue ..the colours are so dreamy! So I adapted them (prints and all) to my jewel basket the best I could!

 I pretty happy with the end result! Gave it about 2 coats of acryllic paint, and had to keep re-doing the edges because they kept on getting on another colour!

Currently holding: Few necklaces from here and there, and my favourite I love you pearl bracelet!

Have a Happy Weekend Guys!

August 08, 2012

Fashion Week Outfit

Imagine my excitement when I found that a friend of mine had passes, for the Fashion Week! And not just any passes, FRONT row passes! It was so awesome, all I can say is that she does not have to give me a birthday present anymore:D

Anyway. I went. And Saw. And Clicked..oh, what fun it was!

Some general pictures of the atmosphere..

And...this is what I wore!
I was so excited, got dressed in quite a hurry:D

My favourite lace dress  from Forever21, I cut and hemmed it a bit to make it asymmetrical..
I threw on the crotchet jacket to colour things up a bit!

I needed a tote to carry all my stuff, the sophisticated purses that i have didn't just cut it! So guess what? I carried this kitchy  NYC souveneir that probably everyone has but no one uses. 
The bag is loaded with memories, and Superloaded with all my stuff. And is strong enough to carry it all. 

My camera which weighs like 50 pounds, my umbrella(why are 3 folds so heavy?) ,my makeup, the book Im currently reading, and spare chappals( My beloved Salvatores in the monsoon squelch outside, are u kidding?)

So there. That's the bag I carried in the end:D

Also, Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes,Kundan Ring (Mom's) , Bird Pendant(Isn't it pretty??) from Colaba.

Front Row Passes...wohoo!

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

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