June 27, 2012

My Week In The Himalayas

What a week I've had! It was my first time in the Himalayas, and now I know why 
people are addicted to them, and keep returning, year after year!

"They are mountains so stupendous that they can be overflown, but not tunneled; Climbed, but never tamed; Mapped, but seldom visited."

All I can say is-they took my breath away!

The tiny villages, the  mighty hurtling rivers, the changing terrains (from the alpine-looking pine forests to the vast, dry rugged rock-faces) the beautiful people, the tiny fluttering prayer flags amidst the wilderness..

Well, i'm saying too much..:) I ll let the pictures talk..

We started from Shimla, a city with a delightful colonial hangover. The churches, streets, buildings, are all built during the British Raj, and this mountain city used to be the summer capital of the empire!

 We journey into the interior, from Shimla, the roads turn narrower, and the ascent becomes steeper..

The river Satluj crashes along the gorge. The landscape is highly unstable, landslides are frequent...
 The road is just a tiny path along the rocky precipice, the people, mere pinpricks.

"The Himalayas demand superlatives - the highest mountains, the highest pass, the 
deepest gorge, the highest living animals-they confront us with 
phenomena that exist nowhere on earth."

The mighty peaks are given a God-like status by both the Hindu and the Buddhist cultures. They are awe-inspiring, insurmountable,  and both creators and destroyers...

I got to see the Buddhist Culture up close, and read a few books-It is wonderful!

The beautiful hotel room with a view of the Kinner Kailash Range.

The picture-perfect villages

With its beautiful people..

 Even though I am back to Mumbai now, it is with mixed feelings..I am too used to the peace and quiet..and dont feel like switching on my cellphone just yet!

Because my heart is still in the mountains, and as I open my bedroom window, I imagine the evening chill creep upon me,and hear the last strains of the Buddhist chants from the distant village...

I am definitely going back again!

Outfit post will be up soon!:)

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i love the place! so many memories!

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Janna said...

I would really like to go there, it's so beautiful! And I looove the pic with all the light, don't know how to describe it better. It's gorgeous! xx

Liora said...

All your photos are beautiful! I would love to go to the Himalayas.


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Wonderful pictures!!! I will love to be there someday!

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I love it!! All the places look just more than amazing!! I've visited Paris before a week, it was cool too,but not like that..it was more city life, but really amazing too:***

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wow the place looks so breath-taking. the mountains look like they could make you feel so small- kind of scary but also an amazing feeling at the same time!


morganvsmorgan said...

It looks so beautiful! I really want to visit now!!

Pratishtha Durga said...

I grew up on North and every few years. our vacations would take us to the mountains. I remember very vividly the awe that I felt every time I came face to face with the Himalayas. So magnificent, ancient, overwhelming. I love all these pictures. Glad you had a wonderful trip. And I can totally relate to the feeling of coming back to Mumbai.

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