June 30, 2012

Gold and Leopard

Animal print and gold- they go together beautifully to create a classic look! Also it was rather chilly, hence the pullover!

These gold loafers are an incredible find! It was love at first sight-and they are so inexpensive too!

Cream Sweater/Pullover-Madame
Ring and Leopard Print top-Street Shopped

Hope everyone is going to have an amazing weekend<3
I am meeting an old friend soon, we are going to have loads to catch up on!xo
What are your plans?


June 27, 2012

My Week In The Himalayas

What a week I've had! It was my first time in the Himalayas, and now I know why 
people are addicted to them, and keep returning, year after year!

"They are mountains so stupendous that they can be overflown, but not tunneled; Climbed, but never tamed; Mapped, but seldom visited."

All I can say is-they took my breath away!

The tiny villages, the  mighty hurtling rivers, the changing terrains (from the alpine-looking pine forests to the vast, dry rugged rock-faces) the beautiful people, the tiny fluttering prayer flags amidst the wilderness..

Well, i'm saying too much..:) I ll let the pictures talk..

We started from Shimla, a city with a delightful colonial hangover. The churches, streets, buildings, are all built during the British Raj, and this mountain city used to be the summer capital of the empire!

 We journey into the interior, from Shimla, the roads turn narrower, and the ascent becomes steeper..

The river Satluj crashes along the gorge. The landscape is highly unstable, landslides are frequent...
 The road is just a tiny path along the rocky precipice, the people, mere pinpricks.

"The Himalayas demand superlatives - the highest mountains, the highest pass, the 
deepest gorge, the highest living animals-they confront us with 
phenomena that exist nowhere on earth."

The mighty peaks are given a God-like status by both the Hindu and the Buddhist cultures. They are awe-inspiring, insurmountable,  and both creators and destroyers...

I got to see the Buddhist Culture up close, and read a few books-It is wonderful!

The beautiful hotel room with a view of the Kinner Kailash Range.

The picture-perfect villages

With its beautiful people..

 Even though I am back to Mumbai now, it is with mixed feelings..I am too used to the peace and quiet..and dont feel like switching on my cellphone just yet!

Because my heart is still in the mountains, and as I open my bedroom window, I imagine the evening chill creep upon me,and hear the last strains of the Buddhist chants from the distant village...

I am definitely going back again!

Outfit post will be up soon!:)

Thanks for all your comments on my previous post<3


June 17, 2012

My Tryst With Blogging

I have always been attracted to beautiful things-be it a dew drop on the grass, the curl in someone's hair,  a tree branch with a pretty curve, the shiny gloss of my cat's fur, or for the matter, anything. A thing of beauty need not be expensive-not at all.

Everyone has a role, in this world. We evolve into our particular roles, giving something to the world, but mostly, taking a lot from it.

A thing of beauty just needs someone to appreciate it, someone to recognize its worth, to make someone happy. And for the world around me, I am the appreciator. That is my role.

This blog is exactly that, it just channelizes beauty through fashion-I don't believe in sticking to fashion rules or trends. If it appeals to me, it works great for me! For me, trends are just something that gives a new direction to your aesthetic thinking every season, something you can play around with, and interpret in your own way!

And with my tryst with beauty and aesthetics, I started out with my blog. I sincerely hope that my photographs don't just convey a good fashion sense- I want to create pictures that convey the  beauty of the world around me, that harmonize with, better still, enhance the beauty of the clothes I wear.

So far, it has been a lovely journey!

And this would not have been possible without you, dearest readers:)
 And my friends-turned-photographers with whom every photoshoot was a as much of a creative process, as it was fun.

Thankyou so much all of you,for the many happy hours, that I spent generating creative ideas for the blog and interacting with you!

I take a blog-break of some days now, I am going into the remote villages of Himachal Pradesh, near the Tibet border! I need this break to clear my head-but I am going to miss all of you!:(

Even as I write this, I shall be giving my Design exams in three month's time. I know that is the one thing I am meant to to do, so I hope I get through!

Kisses and Love,


June 14, 2012

Summer Butterflies

Happy Thursday Everyone! Thursday is that day of the week where you don't quite know where you are...the Friday seems a drag, and it still feels quite far till the weekend...but not Quite.

As for me, here I am, trying to make my Year-Off as productive and interesting as possible, and Thursdays and Fridays don't matter in my current state of affairs! But I AM counting the days of the week-Because very soon, I shall be going away into the quaint mountain villages of the Himalayas, for a family vacation! Lucky me XD

As for the outfit: I found these butterfly printed pants at fashion station, and as it is with things i really really really like, I grab them without second thought! 

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the air was crystal clear due to the rains a few days back-Everything was so clear even far into the horizon!

Wore my White Strappy Tie-up Heels :)

 And a basic white tee and ring:)

Oh, dragonfly!

Bag By Jessica Simpson-I love it, its kind of boho because it has a tassel at the back!

Cheers, everybody:)
Have a great weekend! I shall be off soon, for some days! But not without a goodbye post! Thank you for all your comments!<3 And please follow me on twitter, i shall follow you back- i joined only a week back and i would love to interact with you there!

Awaiting your comments!


June 09, 2012

Van Gogh Colours

Hello my lovelies!:)

I owe you a big big apology...I was out at the farmhouse and back again in this topsy-turvy week, and nothing was going right-And I forgot my laptop and memory card there too!
Finally, things are back on track!

A parcel from my sister yesterday, with gifts for mom and me!:)

Containing-My beautiful Van-Gogh Silk scarf, that i am super excited about!!

At first, I just thought it was a scarf with really pretty colours, but when I spread it out...I was blown away! It was one of my favourite  paintings: ' Cafe Terrace at Night!' 

Van Gogh has always inspired me, and today I realize that it is through his paintings that I learnt how attractive wild juxtaposition of colours can be-The fuchsia pinks and the sap greens, The midnight blues and the chrome yellows...

Its a square scarf of the softest silk imaginable, And though I tied it in a semi-elaborate knot around my neck, it just wouldn't stay in the wind! So i let it fly, like it wanted to:)

I chose to pair it with a simple cream top with a hint of lace, and a shrug, and jeans! Silver Shoes from Metro..

Van Gog's Famous  Cafe Terrace at Night

One more thing I want to say-Thank You so much for your lovely lovely comments, they always put a smile on my face! I shall be replying to previous week's comments soon!

Any of you Van-Gogh Fans out there? Do let me know!
And how do you like my scarf?:)


June 03, 2012

Lego Tales

I've been eyeing my LEGO sets wistfully since the past year, pondering whether I have outgrown them or not...

Well, as it turns out, I haven't!XD

I think it was the easiest statement necklace I ever made, and it looks equally fab! Played about with some combinations of flat blocks, picked one that looked the best, strung a chain into it, and viola!

                           This look is mostly about the statement necklace..
I figured it would show best with black-The blue belt adds more colour!

Couldn't resist adding these two pictures: My cat 'Billu' is the cutest poser ever!

Plus she has this annoying habit of wanting to be higher than her humans-(Ofcourse you know that a cat thinks she owns her 'owners':p) At home, she frequents the attics, tops of cupboards, and showcases!

The look is space-age warrior (eh, whatever:D)with a little colour thrown in!

Got these stacked-on metal rings from the street-market that day!

I am sure you all played LEGO as kids...I was a huge lego enthusiast and me and my best friend  used to combine our lego sets(I had Moon-station and Fire Brigade, he had a Huge General purpose set!) and hoped to build something truly spectacular:) I think we built many truly spectacular things, only to tear them down again, and start afresh!
That's the beauty of lego, you never stop trying to expand your imagination!

 My trusty silver ballerinas-Most comfortable shoes ever!

So when are you'll going to try your own lego DIYs? I think they lend themselves excellently to statement jewellery! Cant wait to see your creations!

Do leave a comment if you like the idea!