May 19, 2012

A Sprig of Mint!

Hello fellow blogspeople!! So Mint is the official flavour of this summer season!  And an apt flavour it provides a cool offset to the sweltering summer heat!

So I dug out this mint satin jacket from the back of my closet...And it was simply perfect!<3 

Its actually a hoodie...But its light and airy!

I was not sure how the tee would look with the mint jacket..
The combination of pastel pinks and mint turned out to be quite soothing actually:)

The tee was plain pink to begin with, painted it with stripes in 2 super-bright colours-Hot Pink and Tangerine!

Didn't notice the jacket stuck on a twig until I uploaded the pic here!:p

And yes. The highlight of the photo shoot is definitely this bush:P With pink and orange flowers(Same as my tee shirt colours), it gave me a great something to stand next to!!

Photos taken in college-After my not so bad exam!

Satin Jacket-Causeway

The look is pretty casual, perfect for college, has pastels, mint, a hint of bright colour....Do you like it?

Have a happy sunday:)

Love you all!<3


Abbigayle Rashae said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
You look lovely(:

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-XO Abbigayle Rashae

Stefania B. said...

Love so much this color! :)

Maiken said...

oh what a cute bow ring! and the combination of your nail colour and that jacket is really pretty as well. a true spring outfit :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

chp_dzn said...

Love how you keep making all your clothes more awesome by doing some DIY on them! :D
The mint jacket is pretty! Love the behind bush also! :P

Marika said...

Love your outfit dear!
Thanks for your lovely comment ,
would you like to follow each other?
kisses from Italy

sonia de macedo said...

A great combination, love your DIY tee, such a genius idea and I'm definitely going to implement it on some of my old plain tees that I can't bear to part with!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Mica said...

I like the mint next to the orange and pink stripes on your tee, lovely combination :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

Lovely jacket!


Ni Ka said...

Lovely jacket! mint is definitely a must have this season :)


Estilo Hedónico said...

I love the photos!!!


Alessia Morello said...

Very nice the jacket!

Sofies closet said...

Cute outfit, love the jacket.

Arika Yasmine said...

Nice minty jacket and also adore your nail polish color...
It is my favorite color!

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Alma xo said...

Such a cute outfit! Loving the colors together ^^


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Nastia said...

great outfit! love nail color! :)
thank you for lovely comment on my blog!
i following you now,if you want follow me back?
i would be very happy :))


Estilo Hedónico said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!!!

Yes! Sure!! We can follow each other!!

I follow you as "Filipa Moreira".


Clara Turbay said...

incredibles ideas and this blog is full of style!

Narda said...

Hi! Love how you brightened up your T with the bright bands of colour! Thanks for commenting on my blog - Yes, we can follow each other!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I love the color of you jacket and you look so beautiful!!
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Laia said...

look's confi!!

Arika Yasmine said...

Hello, sure we ca follow each other & I have followed you first...
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Can't wait for you to do the same :)


m i s s . t e a said...

mint is definitely the colour of the moment- I've been seeing it everywhere! You look so lovely, and I love how the flowers match the stripes on your shirt x misstea & co. Hope you aced your exam!

Nastia said...
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Nastia said...

Yes,i follow you as Nastia :))

Melissah from Country Style Chic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I am now following you - love the mint jacket!

Kirsten said...

Great jacket, mint is a beautiful colour! Thanks for your sweet comment, I would love to follow each other :) Following now. XX

Marella said...

Hi dear! AMAZING look!

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Anne-Claire Poupon said...

Amazing photos!!
So colorful!!

Take care and have a nice day :)

Margaretka said...

AMAZING look !!!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)
You look lovely
kisses, Margaretka, Poland

stin said...

lovely xx anw thaanks foryour lovely comment xx

The Green Raybans said...

hey! thank you for that sweet comment on our blog-i would love for us to follow each other! i just followed you and hope you can do the same to us!

lovely post-love what you are wearing!


Pauline Lim said...

thanks for the comment:) of course we can follow each other! xx

Lilli said...

Hi Shubhi, such a lovely outfit!:) Of course we can follow each other!:) I'm a new follower! Kisses and have a nice day!

theReviewélla said...

Cute outfit.
Thanks for commenting.
I'm following you.
Take care,


Maja said...

So nice , combo , photos aswell :) Always love to see flowers . I love your nails . Rare are girls who could wear on good way mint nails and you are one of them :)

Following you, too <3

Alessia Morello said...

Yes I follow u now! Follow me back! Kiss kiss!!

Carolyna said...

yes we can. I follow you now. You can follow me back.
I love mint colour

Lucy said...

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Thania said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!!!!
Amazing outfit!!!!!


DyG`STyLe said...

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You have a new reader ;)

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Teodora said...

Mint is my favorite color this season. You look fabulous and the backdrop is beautiful.


Miss-Peacock said...

HI Shubhi ! :)

thank you for your cute comment on my blog !! I took a look on your blog, I love your ribbon that you wore ! ;)

and yes why not following each other, if you like my blog ;) I'd care to follow yours, too !



Vanessa said...

love your nails so much :)