April 01, 2012

Window Dressing

For a couple of weeks now, I'v been waking up in the mornings and smiling to myself in delight....Because of the green in my window!

I'v recently done some cultivation...In tiny pots! And guess what I'v planted....wheat! No, I do not aim to supply my mom with flour to make bread and rotis. I just thought the wheatgrass looks very very pretty!XD

Trust me, it is a lovely shade of green. A Cool, bright, and a happy hue! And the blades are so beautiful...its just mesmerizing to look at them in the breeze!

And I recently found out about the health properties of wheatgrass...though I wont be harvesting mine anytime soon!;)

There is a website dedicated to it apparently!

The painted wooden elephants are a gift from my Aunt, who lives in Ethopia..

 I sometimes put up this hanging 'thing' that I made...out of a saree lace and 2 disused bead earrings! It is translucent, and lets the light in through its embroidered design!

And...apparently my cat Billu has been on the website and has been reading about the health benefits too!

The curtains are from a Walmart in Florida....We got them to dress up a wedding venue! More Specifically, the wedding 'tent' for my sister's wedding on an Island, in June 2011! The theme was white and red!

Cheers everybody, have a great Weekend!



Vix said...

Your bedroom is just lovely! I bet your kitty cat will be nibbling at your wheatgrass before long! Love the curtains. x

Fictitious Fashion said...

Oh Beautiful!!!!! You are so creative..:) n ur room is so full of light :)

I have two contests going on Simultaneously!!

Blog Contest. The prize would be a Forever 21 necklace :)

Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

You are welcome to participate in them :)

chp_dzn said...

Oh my goodness! Rachana's cat's name is Billu too! same pinch! ;-) Love your posts and those amazing pictures! :)