April 03, 2012

Mermaid Musings

Who would be

A mermaid fair,

Singing alone,

Combing her hair

Under the sea,
In a golden curl

With a comb of pearl,
On a throne?

-Lord Tennyson

This outfit has been Inspired by the dreamy colours of the life Undersea!!

 Choral pink, Fleeting Mint, Shimmery Translucent Fabrics and Glittery Accessories!

I posed like this to look as much like a mermaid as possible...look! No legs!:p

Grey Pearl Ring from Ginger, Lifestyle.

Skirt, Vest: Street Shopping!

Lavender Pearl Nail-Paint: UnForgettable Moments

Star-shaped Hair-Ornaments-Earrings(Worn in the hair) from Tribal Art

I just had so much fun creating this look!

Shimmery Multi-hued hair tie: From Linking Road(Worn Around the Neck)

Tell me if you liked my mermaid themed look! 

Lots and lots of love,


chp_dzn said...

the pictures are lovely Shubhi! :)

Style-Delights said...

Love this whimsical scarf and the white skirt..so dreamy! You look beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Alina Anghel said...

lovely photos! xx


Christine said...

you have a beautiful style!!! and I am fascinated to know that you're from India magnificent!
if you want we can follow each other!!!!