March 30, 2012

Stripes and Flowers !

Greetings, fellow men! And women! I am super duper excited about this post...because....I made it myself! The headband I mean!XD

Iv always been playing about with scrap since I was a little girl! Made barbie-clothes out of socks, wall-hangings out of cookie cutters, and the works. And So, much to my delight, I envisioned that these old artificial flowers would look pretty great on a headband. And voila!

I think the emerald-green stripes on the band and the cherry-blossom-like flowers make for a pretty Spring-y look!

I've always wanted to buy a floral headband, but somehow never did. Anyhow, I think I'll be having quite a collection pretty soon, without buying one ever! ;)

I stitched on 3 flowers, of varying sizes, in ascending order..

And I wore it with a Plain White Puff-Sleeved Cotton tee, and green checked top(Worn as a skirt) from Lifetyle!

Hope you liked it! I can't wait to wear it outside! :)


Vix said...

Hello Shubhi! Thanks for popping by and saying hello! You are fabulous. I love your headbands, much better to make your own than wear something every other girl owns.
Your crane pictures are spectacular and that maxi skirt you're wearing in last Friday's post is glorious.
I'm following now.
Have a fabulous weekend. x

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog !!! The pics are really awsome...and the way you carried your flower thing was just fab !!! Keep gng :)

bulbulvish said...

this is so creative!!
you look gorg in the 3rd picture!!

thanks for dropping in such a sweet comment on my blog..:)

chp_dzn said...

You have a unique style! <3 your blog! :)