March 17, 2012

A Special Day

Towards the end of every college year there's a special day. And it is called 'Tie and Saree' day! And since i'm in my final college year, this was the last 'Saree day' of my whole life. Sob!

Its no big deal actually. We girls dress up, (Having stitched matching saree-blouses well before, bought complementary jewellery and dreamt about our hairstyles...and so on!) and reach college.
 And click pictures with our friends. If there is one day dedicated to photographs, then this is it. Pictures of Girls and Guys(In formal shirts and Ties) are taken in every possible permutation and combination. (Sorry, getting a bit technical here)

I decided on this Turquoise-Blue Saree with a Bronze Beaded Border and Golden pattern all over it..
I wore it with a Contrasting Brocade Blouse!

And the clicking commences..

Me and my best gal!

In the classroom..

And out of the window...haha I'm good at poses:p

Everyone loved this arm-band I wore! 

Giggles and excitement  in the air! 

We went out for lunch after the photographs and socializing was done...

All said and done, I am going to miss college, the boring sleep-inducing lectures, the (frequent)trips to the canteen (I am constantly hungry: p), And most of all, my friends!!

I guess that's what i was thinking when a friend clicked this:

Quiet Reflection..

Well, all good times come to an end... I guess its me in the open wide world now!
On the bright side, there are still about 15 days to go.!

Cheers...have a super weekend! And do tell me if you liked my Saree day pics!


bulbulvish said...

wow..lovely saree..and the out of the window picture is really adorable..:)
new post is visit..^__^

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Butterfly... :) said...

Looking lovely in that beautiful saree girl!! ;) You have a lovely photographer!! <3 Waiting eagerly for your next post! :)

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Valeria said...

Wooow you look gorgeous!!!! Thanks a lot or your lovely comment, I follow you now, hope you'll follow back!!! xoo

Fictitious Fashion said...

oh you look lovely dear!! I know the feeling.. sad n happy.. M in my last year too.. bt farewell is in i have time :D
I love ur sarree.. and the pictures have come out so well! :)

Thanks fr following me n fr ur lovely comment.. M following u too now :)


fashion meets art said...

wonderful dress. i love the colour and you are so pretty.
lovely greets and kisses
maren anita

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Anmari ish said...

Beautiful saree! a friend of mine who visited India gave me a saree 4 years ago but until now I have no idea how to wear it. i love the gorgeous details of saree fabrics!
thanks for following dear, followed you back!

Francesca Riolfo said...

hi dear!!! lovely post!!
i like your blog ^^
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Anum FarooQ said...

Wow, You just looks so gorgeous in that saree..