March 10, 2012

Causeway Shopping!

 Hello to all the girly girls out there!  I was feeling really bored and useless the other day, and decided that my new camera needed some exercise, and my soul, some shiny stuff!
And that's when you head straight to Colaba Causeway!
It is a lane(a causeway acually) running under old bulidings,  A block away from the Arabian sea! Okay, weird geographical description, check out the map!  Tourists from all over the world are a common sight here, wearing their newly purchased Bohemian Best!

The atmosphere is lively with the vendors trying to sell their wares to the tourists( at sky high prices) in broken English, and the flute sellers and drum sellers playing their music, and so many colourful and shiny distractions!

Here are some wares on display:

Antique knick-knacks!

Jangly Bracelets and Chuky the Truckloads!
Flutes, anyone?
"Designer" Purses and Handbags!

Aaaah, beads!

Colourful Chappals(Flats!)...Which is your pick? Add to it Neon Nail Paint for your toes...and you are ready for Spring!!

Now...that's a LOT of earrings! It made my head reel just to pick one to buy!!

Its all about finding a good bargain..

The interior of My favourite seconds store! I swear I get dreams about this shop...especially if I want an outfit badly  but I cannot buy it right away! It has a lovely laidback atmosphere and has 70's Pop playing full volume in the background! So upbeat! This time they played Dancing Queen and I swear I twirled in the mirror right in the middle of the shop!
 I loved  a military print cardigan, which would look sooo chic, belted at the waist! But I ran out money buying other stuff(Sigh!) Still dreaming about it...

Posted by PicasaHope you enjoyed the post, girls! (And guys!) Trust me, I put as much heart into taking nice pictures, as I did into the shopping! (Well, almost!)

Your comments on the photographs will be most welcome!<3



Monang T said...

Nice Clicks.....

Jientje said...

I would love to browse this marketwith my camera, just like you did. It's so colorful!

~Shubhangi~ said...
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~Shubhangi~ said...

Thanks...we'll go someday!:p

~Shubhangi~ said...

Come to India someday! It is indeed a treat:)

Polka Princess said...

Oh! How I LOVE Causeway!!! <3

your snaps sure made me nostalgic........sigh!