January 30, 2012

Playing with Fans!

Guess what I did all weekend?
Painted Hand Fans!

My dad got some plain paper hand fans years ago, from China...And I was struck with a sudden inspiration that I must paint them, and now!

 This blue one i painted a year back..

I really love the Tree of Life Pattern, so i played about with it yet again! On the pink fan..

And the Last one, I wanted to keep it simple, so just added some glitter triangles on green ink background!

Please tell me if you like them...I put them on my living room wall in rotation!



Jientje said...

Oooooh, you're a true artist, I DO like them!

Diana said...

How pretty...At first I thought that you were going to copy these fans and paint them on canvas (which I've seen also). So beautiful that you painted right on the fan themselves. Gorgeous!

kuheli said...

u r sooo talented!!! they look superb!!